Hemi…a contraction of hemispherical and a reference to the shape of the combustion chamber of a generation of Chrysler engines which can be traced back to the 1950s. It’s made a comeback in recent years, and so too has 300C, one of the nameplates originally fitted with the enormously-powerful Hemi engines.

RGMotorsport 300 C SRT 2

But Chrysler has left it to RGMotorsport to add a supercharger to the latter day version and the result is a car with enough grunt to pull Robben Island right up to the V&A – who wants to ride on a ferry anyway?


The headline figures are pretty astonishing by any standards: when fitted with a “heads to tails” RGM-Techniflow exhaust and a cold air induction system, a 300C SRT8 produces 530kW and 852Nm.

The sheer magnitude of those number become  more impressive when viewed on a graph (attached) and not only are the massive gains across the range obvious, but show that the Supercharged version continues to make power all the way to 7 000 rpm – the result is a soundtrack with more than a hint of NASCAR to it.


Nestling in the Vee of the 6.4-litre bent eight, directly above the intake manifold, is a RGM-Whipple twin-screw supercharger, still considered by many to offer the best blend of response, spread of power and refinement. The ‘charger comes complete with high capacity fuel injectors, oversized intercooler core, and a self-contained oiling system.


The RGMotorsport 300C offering starts with the Supercharged Stage One package, which uses the existing exhaust system and stock intake system and is rated at 480kW on the flywheel – compared to 347kW/631Nm from a stock car. The Supercharged Stage Two adds a dual 76mm RGM-Techniflow exhaust system, unleashing another 20kW, while the Big Bang version goes a step further with hand-crafted ceramic coated ‘branch’  manifolds and an induction kit to unleash the full 530kW.



Irrespective of what the customer specifies on the intake and exhaust front, each car is individually mapped and optimised on RGMotorsport’s dynamometer using RGMotorsport software, to provide the best blend of performance and efficiency.


For those with big mountains to climb there’s good news too: this supercharger conversion – give or take a nut and bolt or two – is also the perfect way to take a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 powered by the same 6.4-litre Hemi from wild to wacky.

Upgrades on the 300C SRT8 and Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 start from R190 000, including RGMotorsport’s six month/20 000 km warranty on all parts and workmanship.



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