Chery, the automotive brand from China, is definitely re-entering the Mzansi market. Chery was selling cars in this country through an importer, but that business did not succeed. Now the Asian giant is ready to give it another go locally, with the full support of the mothership. And this time there are much higher levels of confidence, because there are two main pillars for success.

Chery Tiggo 7

The first is obviously product. Past Chery products were not reliable and were of low quality. The new products however, appear to be light years ahead of this. In fact, the brand has won several awards, in China and internationally, specifically to product excellence.

Chery Tiggo 4

The second will be pricing. Chery SA seems to be keeping this ace up their sleeves. Of course it has always been expected that Chinese brands would price their cars lower than their rivals. But that was because the media and the market regarded them as inferior. Pricing a higher quality product lower than competitors is a sure way of getting recognition and traction. Let’s see how far Chery can take it when they launch here in Q4.

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