Aston Martin has confirmed that it will begin selling its first-ever SUV in 2020. The SUV – currently named DBX – is expected to dramatically increase the brand’s annual to beyond 10 000 from 2021. Last year it sold a record 5 117 cars for the entire 2017. More excitement is expected when the company lists on the London Stock Exchange this week too. The listing will help raise much of the funds needed to bring the DBX to market.


The DBX will feature four entry doors and at least four seats. It will be pitched mainly against the Porsche Cayenne, and to a lesser extent, the likes of Maserati Levante. The main engine module will be sourced from Mercedes-AMG in the form of a 4.0-litre biturbo V8 with well over 400kW of power. At the moment we don’t know whether there will only be one model or if smaller engines will find their way in too. We reckon the new Mercedes-AMG straight six 3.0-litre worth 320kW would be a good entry-level point.

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