According to a story from Australia’s Motoring publication, Lexus is planning a big expansion over the next few years. As we predicted yesterday in the ES 250 story, Lexus is tired of being an almost around the globe. The USA is the only really successful market for the Toyota premium brand and that is going to change if Lexus has its way.

Lexus LF-LC 2

Apparently there are plans afoot to expand the product range beyond what we currently see – CT, IS, ES, GS, LS, RX and LX. Nothing definite has been said except to say Lexus will eventually be playing in every segment. This may prove a bit of a challenge as competitors have not only marched ahead in different segments, some are creating whole new niche sub-segments on a monthly basis.


Some of the markets where Lexus could be looking into include the sub-compact world of MINI/ A1, premium B-Class MPV segment, mid-sized coupes like A5/ 4 Series, compact SUVs like X3/Q5, niche SUVs such as the X6, bigger SUVs in mould of the GL-Class, performance two-doors like M4/ RS 5/ C 63 AMG Coupe and others.

Lexus LF-NX crossover concept

Lexus had better get off its butt and get cracking to achieve these goals because the three big boys are not standing still. They are aiming for sales of around 2 million by 2020 and considering Lexus only sells less than 500 000, this is a tough ask indeed. Add to that Volvo and Jaguar are interested in gaining momentum too.

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