Someone has leaked out official pictures of the new upcoming BMW 4 Series Convertible. We wish we could say JIMS 2013 but it will be officially unveiled in L.A. next month. BMW South Africa will launch the car here in Mzansi in the second quarter of 2014, following the November 2013 launch of the 4 Series Coupe on which the Convertible is based.

2014 BMW 4 Series Convertible leaked 2

The 4 Series Convertible has stuck to BMW’s latest philosophy of using an electronically-operated hard top instead of the previous soft canvass option that its chief rivals are still using. Of course there is a weight penalty for hard tops, but there are other benefits like better rigidity and less noise protrusion.


As far as the lineup, we believe it will consist of a 428i Convertible and 435i Convertible. The 428i will be using the company 2.0-litre turbo with 180kW, while the 435i Convertible keeps the same 225kW from the useful 3.0-litre turbo. Later we should expect the M4 Convertible delivering about 318kW and over 500Nm of torque.

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