A rumour circulating the net is that BMW is finally getting ready to counter the upcoming Audi A3 sedan, and perhaps to a lesser extent, the Mercedes-Benz CLA (although a proper A-Class sedan is also on the cards). The 1 Series four-door sedan could be on our roads as early as in 2017.


With the price and size of the 3 Series ever increasing, it was inevitable that BMW would consider a new entry-level sedan for those who are too serious for the 1 Series hatch. Same argument was made when the excellent 1 M Coupe was created – a new entry-level performance car to reach those who can’t afford the M3 anymore.


One striking thing about the 1 Series sedan is the fact that it will be built on a front-wheel-drive architecture, becoming the first modern BMW sedan to do so. Of course the German company based in Munich has already stated two years ago that most of its customers don’t really know if their cars are front or rear-wheel-drive.


Some new engines will for sure be part of the lineup, which will almost coincide with the launch of the brand new shape 1 Series hatch, scheduled for release in 2018. These engines will most probably include the new 1.5-litre turbo range with power figures of up to 165kW and 135kW for the petrol and diesel respectively.

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