Towards the end of the year – sometime in Q4 – the Volkswagen Group will start producing a car that it hopes will have the same global impact as the Beetle and Golf. The car will be based on the ID. family platform, which is an all-electric car platform. Basically every ID.- badged car will be an electric car. This platform is called Modular Electric Toolkit or MEB and is expected to produce more than 15 million multi-branded VW Group vehicles during the first wave, with 1 million VW-branded electric cars expected to be sold globally by 2025.

The idea is to take electric cars to “the people” in the same way that the aforementioned Beetle and Golf did when they first went on sale. Electric cars or EVs are currently quite expensive to purchase and to run in some instances, and are thus confined to the middle to upper classes. Cheaper EVs will enable better uptake and adoption. Volkswagen is investing over €9 billion (R144 billion) in the ID. family.


Because many new cars have become connected devices, much like our smart phones, the ID. range will do the same but take it to the next level, according to Volkswagen. “Safe, clean and intelligent: for the ID., we are bringing our skills from the technological areas of networking and electrification onto the road together,” says Ralf Brandstätter, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen brand responsible for Procurement.

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