Peugeot has a new double-cab bakkie (pickup). Believe it or not, it’s called the Pick Up and has been launched in China. With our fussy double-cab bakkie market, this vehicle would probably struggle here, not because of its lack of capability (we cannot ascertain that), but for lack of good looks. It looks too dated, almost like an old Nissan Patrol. But hold on, there is a great silver lining to this story.

That silver lining is that Peugeot South Africa will start selling a bakkie locally  in 2021 but, and this is a big but; it will not be this Pick Up. That is interesting because it means that while the French are now selling this thing in certain markets – some African markets will also get it by the way – another one is already under development. For now we know nothing about it, but it is probably safe to say that it will share its underpinnings with another big-brand bakkie. We believe this would be either the Nissan Navara or the upcoming all-new Isuzu KB. Time will tell.

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