There’s something stately about Jaguars isn’t there?

Absolutely. From the days the brand was a serious luxury leader, Jaguar has occupied a regal position in its segment. It was not for everyone, certainly even in the circles where people could afford Jaguar. Perhaps that became its Achilles heel and the company had to adapt or die. Nowadays you can buy a Jaguar as early as in your 20s, right up to your 90s. The XJR575 is for a special breed in the upper segment though, definitely not for children.


How so?

For starters it competes against the high-spec performance luxury sedans from Germany. Luxury if of course standard, but this one has luxury plus performance. Sporting the trusted supercharged 5.0-litre V8, the 575 adds serious spice to a car that already bubbles under a hot pot of performance. Acceleration is quite brisk – as in “hold on to your seats” – and it gains very rapidly towards top speed. Our unit however, exhibited notable rear suspension wobble at higher speeds, probably owing to old shocks. It had been around the media block and had clearly taken hard punishment from some testers. Also, it is large – 5.1 metres long, 3m wheelbase; this is no small car.


What about the luxuries?

Well for starters, the XJ is not so new anymore. This is actually, possibly the last hurrah for this model. Therefore a number of features expected in this segment will not be found here, like Auto Steep Hold and Matrix/ laser headlights for instance. But the rest are pretty par for the course, such as Alcantara interior lining, full quilted leather heated seats with red 575 embroidery on the headrests, heated steering wheel, touch screen infotainment, satellite navigation, split sunroof, rear sunblind and a powerful Meridian surround sound system. Also it has a massive boot of 478 litres. The Black Pack and Gloss Black 20-inch wheels add to the aura created by the Satin Corris Grey exterior paint, fresh from the SVO division.


Any uniqueness about the exterior?

Plenty. Previously mentioned is the Satin Corris Grey paintwork and 20-inch wheels. Those also come with red brake calipers, while the front end features a honeycomb grille, LED headlights, R badging, and two bonnet louvres written “supercharged”. At the back you can see the roaring four chrome-covered exhaust tailpipes.


In summary.

The Jaguar XJR575 is an absolute brute when it comes to performance. It’s adequately comfortable, and has enough features to keep the owner amused for hours. The next-generation XJ should use all-wheel-drive though, if it means to compete head-to-head with the Germans. Technologically speaking, the company is on par with the best, but obviously only lags because of the generation gap, which a new model would instantly overcome.






ENGINE: 5.0-litre, V8 supercharged petrol

POWER: 423kW / 575PS between 6 250rpm – 6 500rpm; 700Nm between 3 500rpm and 4 500rpm

0 – 100KM/H: 4.5 seconds

GEARBOX: 8-speed automatic

DRIVE: Rear-wheel-drive (RWD)

TOP SPEED: 300km/h

FUEL AVERAGE:  16.7 l/100km

CO2 e: 264 g/km



NATURAL RIVALS: Mercedes-AMG S 63, BMW 760 Li

*PRICE RIVALS: Mercedes-Benz S600 L, Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive, Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo, Range Rover Vogue SE Supercharged.



*A price rival falls within R50 000 or so of the subject’s price on either side of its price spectrum for cars over R500 000, R20 000 for cars of between R250 000 and R500 000 and R10 000 for cars below R250 000.


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