With millions of South African’s still homeless or living in unsafe conditions, Nissan has joined forces with the City of Tshwane and Habitat for Humanity to create the Nissan Development Area (Nissanda) project in Ga-Rankuwa, Zone 10 in Pretoria. The Nissan team has already built 50 homes and will be building a further 26 as part of the new wave of activity.

Individuals eligible for a new home are already on the City of Tshwane’s housing waiting list and have an income less than R3 500 per month. The homes are being built by Bravo Max, ensuring that each home as a smaller carbon footprint while remaining of the highest quality, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and is fireproof.


Wonga Mesatywa, Nissan Corporate Communications Director, South Africa said, “Having a home empowers people with a sense of self-worth and provides them with a feeling of ownership and value. The Nissanda project is giving us the opportunity to provide a basic human right to those most in need, giving them and their families security.”


Over a ten-day period, the Nissanda project team is able to transform a traditional brick and mortar structure into a fully functional home that boasts a roof and windows as well as a fresh coat of paint. Each home includes a monolithic, solid structure; superior thermal insulation; larger living areas; factory fitted water and electrical services; structural stability; and it’s certified by the South African Bureau of Standards.


Nissan is working with residents to plant trees in their gardens, many of which are fruit trees which help to further feed the community. This is part of a greening initiative and further strengthens the feeling of accomplishment and pride these new home owners have been given.  “Nissan is committed to working to improve the lives of South African’s, this initiative is one of many supported and managed by the company,” concluded Mesatywa.



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