The next-generation Nissan Z car is already under development, according to a new report emanating from Australia. The brand has a 50 year history with Z, starting with the 240 Z, then 280 Z, 300 ZX, 350 Z and most recently the 370 Z. There have been industry doubts as to whether a new Z would be produced, given sliding sales of niche, 2-door sports cars.


However, it seems there is a new appetite for such cars; just look at the upcoming BMW Z4 as well as Porsche’s continued successes with the 911 and Cayman/ Boxster ranges. The 2-door sports car seems to have a future. Speaking of future, we don’t yet know what exactly will power the new Z and of course what it will be called. Some reckon it will carry a 3.0-litre twin turbo V6, while others say a smaller turbo with hybrid power to augment.

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