McLaren is on a roll as far as new models are concerned. Over a year ago the British brand announced an all-new 3-seat hyper carso-called Hyper-GT – that would spiritually succeed the legendary F1 of the 1990s. Codenamed the BP23 (the final name has not been confirmed yet), there have not been too many details coming forth about it. Until now.

We already know that it will sit three people, with the driver taking the front centre seat and the two rear passengers flanking him/ her. We also know that it will be a hybrid. What we didn’t know is that McLaren is targeting a top speed of over 391km/h, which will make it faster than the F1 and also tip into the hallowed 400km/h mark owned by the likes of Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg CCX R. Another new piece of info that caught our teary eye was the price. Base plus tax is £1.6 million (about R26 million today), keeping it neatly out of most people on Earth’s reach. Nevertheless, 106 examples will be built and all of them are already sold-out. Being a heavy McLaren fan and all, we do wonder if music producer Swizz Beatz is one of them.

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