2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS spy 1

The Mercedes-AMG empire is growing in leaps and bounds, according to a new report coming out of Europe. The performance brand from Mercedes-Benz is set to introduce yet another AMG range to slot in between the AMG 43 and AMG 63 range. It will be called the AMG 53 and its first beneficiary will be the upcoming CLS (spied in these pages) that launches in Mzansi in 2018.

With AMG 43 models currently using a 3.0-litre biturbocharged V6 engine that produces 270kW, the AMG 53 is expected to up that, first by charging the engine’s structure. We’ve previously reported on Mercedes-Benz’s intention to switch to straight 6 motors instead of V6, and this will be the first fundamental change. The 3.0-litre straight 6 turbocharged 53 engine will apparently produce around 315kW of power and will be accompanied by a 48-volt motor, making it a hybrid system. For now it appears only the CLS, E and C-Class will initially benefit from this new motor.

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