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November 2017 continued to show some industry recovery as the market for new cars recorded a 7.2% rise, with 49 754 units sold.  According to the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA), the top 10 companies sold the following numbers in total: Toyota (11 441), Volkswagen (7 438), Ford (7 260), Nissan (4 692), Hyundai (3 265), General Motors/ Isuzu (2 670), Mercedes-Benz (2 004) Kia (1 883), Renault (1 825) and Mazda (1 162).


The Toyota Hilux led the sales, with 3 243 units, closely tracked by the Ford Ranger at 3 058. By contrast, the company’s Lexus RX SUV continues to bring in dismal numbers, with only 3 sold. Lexus also basically sold as many IS models as Ferrari sold 488 GTBs, which was one. The Range Rover Velar was off to a good start on its second full month of sales. In fact Jaguar Land Rover as a Group sold more Velar than anything else at 80. Sadly the opposite applied to the XE sedan with only 4 sold.


Volkswagen continues to be king of passenger cars. We see the Polo Vivo came in with 1 900 sales, followed by the Polo with 1 848. Toyota’s RAV4 continues to rule its segment (747), followed by the Hyundai Tucson (494), then the Volkswagen Tiguan (488). We see 18 people bought the Mitsubishi ASX. The Subaru brand sold 76 cars in total, led by the XV (29) and Outback (28). Interestingly the other Japanese – Mazda – continues sailing quite nicely. All its vehicles went over the 200 mark, bar the MX-5. As a funny sidebar, someone bought a Chevrolet Cruze


Peugeot’s new 3008 didn’t do too badly in the market with 43 units, making it the brand’s best-seller. It’s good to see the Renault Megane finally getting going, with 215. However, it still couldn’t touch the people’s favourite Volkswagen Golf at 702 units. Over 60% of these would be the GTI and R. Honda needs to get up, because only 40 Civics were sold. Meanwhile Alfa Romeo reported 32 Stelvio moved off. But the Giulia could not get past 5. Lastly the Nissan Navara, which is only sold in double-cab, found 117 new homes, compared to the Amarok at 254.


* BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche don’t report sales of individual models anymore.

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