Mr Carlos Ghosn could find himself facing even more prison time if his former employers have anything to say about the matter. Ghosn had been incarcerated for 108 days in Tokyo since November 2018 and was released on bail in March, after Nissan had laid charges of financial misconduct against him. He has since been served with another arrest warrant in Japan. But his problems do not end there.


Charges brought against Ghosn emanated from Nissan, one third of the Alliance he was running, which included Renault and Mitsubishi. This week the Board of Renault resolved several issues concerning their former boss. One such resolution was that further charges could be brought against him because “certain expenses incurred by the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer are a source of concern, as they involve questionable and concealed practices and violations of the Group’s ethical principles, particularly concerning relationships with third parties, management of conflicts of interest, and protection of corporate assets”. That means he may also get a second trial, this time in France where Renault is based. Additionally Ghosn could forfeit certain pension benefits, due to his alleged conduct. Definitely rough times for him.

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