BMW M2 Competition Package leak 5

BMW is going to the Beijing Motor Show and they will be presenting a few interesting products. One of them will be this car, which is the new M2 Competition Package. It’s basically an M2 gone ballistic, and will be challenging for the new “king of the hill” crown when it launches. While these official pictures and details have been leaked, the real deal will probably thrill even more.

Based on the existing M2 powertrain3.0-litre, turbo, rear-wheel-drive – the M2 Competition Package has gone to the gym and buffed up significantly. For starters the engine now gains a second turbo, making it a twin turbo system. That obviously bumps up power, but we were not ready for the actual figure, which becomes 302kW and 550Nm of torque. That’s the same torque figure as the stock M4!

It still goes to the rear wheels of course via a 7-speed M-DCT double clutch gearbox. While official numbers await the unveiling, smart guesses are suggesting a 0 – 100km/h sprint time of 4.2 seconds. We believe it will go quicker than this, given that the M4 performs to that level.

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