Christian von Koenigsegg is tired of playing small fish in a big pond. The founder and CEO of the Koenigsegg brand has told Bloomberg that he sees his company ramping up production quite significantly from the year 2021. Currently the hyper car maker only produces less than 15 of its Regera, Agera RS and One:1 models a year, for the entire global market. Its cars are priced from around R30 million each, excluding taxes.

In order to increase sales the company will have to sell cheaper cars. Cheap is relative of course, and in the world of Koenigsegg, it means something like R5 million or so. Such prices would put it in the realm of Ferrari which sells just over 8 000 cars each year. Cheaper cars also mean less powerful, less exotic models than what is currently available at Koenigsegg. It means more dealerships, increased production, more staff and so on. Does it also mean different body styles, like sedans and SUVs? Only time will tell.

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