While Mercedes-Benz is getting into electric car game quite late compared to its chief rival, the German company is not planning to play around. The new EQC 400 4Matic SUV, the brand’s first-ever full-electric SUV, goes on sale in 2019. Even Mzansi will receive some units of the car. Here are some preliminary details.

Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC, (BR N293) / designo Diamantweiß bright / Exterior: AMG Line / Interior: AMG Line.

At 4.76 metres long, 2m wide, 1.6m tall and with a wheelbase of 2.9m, the vehicle is within the mid-sized SUV segment. Possibly the two potentially controversial areas of design will be both ends. Looking at the front grille, we see quite a deep smile, while the rear end features a Porsche-like lights bar and what looks like lower electric drive components below the bumper.

EQC is an electric car as previously stated, meaning it does not have an engine of any sort, be it petrol or diesel. What it does carry is a dual electric motor and lithium-ion batteries made up of 384 cells. Total system output is 300kW and 765Nm of torque. According to its maker, the EQC will return 4.9 seconds when it comes to the 0 – 100km/h sprint.

Still on the performance side of things, the car will of course be all-wheel-drive, which is a typical characteristic of full-electric cars. Top speed is said to be 180km/h, while the range is claimed at up to 320km. These are preliminary figures, however, they are quite disappointing. It needs to add at least another 100km to that range in order to be competitive and lure customers away from petrol and diesel.

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