Jaguar South Africa is performing several development and stress tests regarding its rollout of electric charging infrastructure. In addition to building new charging stations, the company has recently taken its 298kW I-PACE full-electric car on a long journey to see if the car could handle it. That journey involved driving on the N3 freeway between Johannesburg and Durban, roughly a 600km trip.



The main problem with electric vehicles or EVs – apart from the silence – is the lack of long range for serious distances. Most current EVs can only cover under 250km of driving, hardly enough to go from Johannesburg to Harrismith for example. The Jaguar I-PACE reportedly only stopped once – in Harrismith itself – for a relatively quick recharge. Jaguar did not provide the exact recharge time, but we guess it was about an hour, using the new 60kW fast charger Powerway station. Curiously, Jaguar has decided to plant its own branded stations, instead of collaborating with BMW and Nissan who are already working together to expand charging stations nationwide.

The new Jaguar I-PACE is a full-electric SUV/ crossover that will be introduced to the Mzansi market during the first quarter of 2019. It is the brand’s first EV.


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