Datsun GO-cross Concept.....

Since the Datsun brand returned to the world in 2014, over 300 000 units have been sold globally. Spearheading this sales grunt was the GO, a controversial little starter hatch with a great price but very little in terms of modern features (like airbags and a multimedia sound system). Customers have snapped them up to that extent regardless, including in Mzansi where so far 18 915 new Datsuns have found homes since October 2014.


“Datsun is celebrating a new milestone – 300 000 customers have chosen Datsun cars since the return of the brand in March 2014. It’s a short period in the history of any car brand, but we have laid a solid foundation for our future growth,” said Jose Roman, corporate vice president and global head of Datsun. “Great brands are not built by companies; they are built by people. People who create the cars, who use them daily and who make the ownership experience a rewarding one. We are thankful to everybody who has joined the Datsun journey so far and are committed to further enriching customers’ experience with the brand.”


This year the Nissan brand will introduce new models to the Mzansi market. For now we don’t yet know exactly which ones, but there are possible names on the list, including the all-new CROSS, as well as the existing Mi-Do and Redi-GO.

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