Daimler AG and Geely Holding Group have come to an agreement that directly involves the smart (always smart not Smart) car brand. Smart is Daimler’s smallest brand, representing small, premium city cars. While main rival BMW has met with exceptional success with its MINI brand, Daimler has struggled to sell the smart in similar volumes. This partnership aims to change this, starting by completely repositioning the cars.


The new Daimler Geely joint venture will work on a 50/50 basis and start by turning the smart brand into an all-electric one. That means there will no longer be petrol-powered smart cars starting in 2022 when the first products of the venture go to market globally. They will be manufactured in China. A very important announcement accompanying this one was that smart is moving into the B-segment, which means some models will be the size of a current MINI or Audi A1, which is bigger than what it has been previously.

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