Johan Mouton head of BMW Plant Rosslyn

“Effective 1 September 2018, Johan Mouton will become the new head of BMW Group Plant Rosslyn in South Africa. The native South African began his career with the BMW Group at Plant Rosslyn, where he held various executive positions. After serving in several roles at the BBA automobile plant in Tiexi in China, he was most recently responsible for the paint shop at BMW Group Plant Oxford in the UK,” says a press release from BMW.


Plant Rosslyn has over the years, become quite the star performer in the BMW Group and has recently been announced as one of the suppliers of the all-new X3 model. The car replaces the 3 Series which has been produced in Pretoria for many years now. Currently it is a single model plant but it is possible and certainly desirable for it to handle a second or even third model, as was previously bid. But according to BMW SA, “There are no plans to upgrade the facility to produce a second or third model. The plant is currently ramping up production of the all-new BMW X3. Due to the enormous demand for that particular model, we’re confident the plant will produce a record number of units next year within the plant’s 76 000 annual production capacity.”

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