Aston Martin has just completed a new production facility in South Wales, UK. The facility used to house three super hangars belonging to the Ministry of Defense, but has now been turned into a state-of-the-art factory. But why, you may wonder? So that Aston Martin can build its first-ever Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) of course.


With the world buying more and more of these types of vehicles, it was inevitable that some of our favourite exclusive sports car brands would eventually take them up. Aston Martin is the latest such brand and is planning to start production towards the end of 2019, or in just over a year’s time. No product details were forthcoming though, but we think the car will use current Mercedes-AMG engine technology as a start. That means a 4.0-litre biturbo V8. A smaller 3.0-litre straight six motor is not out of the question either.


“We are delighted at the progress being made at the St Athan site,” said Dr Andy Palmer, Aston Martin president and CEO. “The team have done a fantastic job in advancing the facility and I was incredibly proud to chair our first Board meeting at the new plant. Wales has a long history of engineering excellence and the Board is delighted that it will play such an important part in Aston Martin’s development.”

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