Lotus is going ahead with a new SUV, scheduled to appear in 2019. Although the company’s first four-door car will only be available in China initially, there’s no reason not to look at it from other countries’ point of view. That includes Mzansi. Lotus has given some details about it to Top Gear magazine in the UK.


The British brand founded by Colin Chapman is known for its liking of all things light, and that’s the first usp the SUV will push. Targeting primarily the Porsche Macan, Lotus reckons it can make it lighter by up to 250kg, which will then allow for the use of smaller wheels, brakes and even a smaller engine. However, despite this there will apparently be no skimping on new technologies and comfort creatures.


This proposed engine is a 4-cylinder supercharged motor, presumably the same currently being used by the Elise and Exige range. Keep in mind that while in Mzansi the least powerful Macan makes 250kW, in the UK where Lotus engineers are based they have a 174kW model. Therefore a supercharged 4-cylinder with over 170kW is not far-fetched at all.

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