Chinese car brand Geely bought Swedish car brand Volvo in 2010. Since then the two have been working together in developing better Geely vehicles, the first of which has now been confirmed for launch in 2015.



Exactly what kind of car this will be – sedan, hatch, SUV, crossover, sports car – has not been revealed. The only detail we have is that it “will ride on a new modular architecture that will underpin C-segment vehicles from both automakers.”



Geely, which made a R2.28 billion net profit in the first half of 2013, is hoping that Volvo’s good reputation, gathered over decades, will rub off on its own reputation, thus helping to increase sales both in China and the rest of the world where it operates. At the same time, Volvo is also counting on Geely’s China strength to increase annual sales from about 400 000 currently, to 800 000 by 2020.

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