Harley-Davidson Africa has selected three of South Africa’s popular personalities to participate in the iconic brand’s ambassador program as part of its Iron Elite campaign –  a drive celebrating Black African riders as a whole. Africa’s Iron Elite showcases the rich history, inspiring stories and custom bikes of black African customers and their love for the Harley-Davidson brand.


Harley Davidson David Tlale, Angie Khumalo and DJ Fistaz Mixwell 1

David Tlale, Angie Khumalo and DJ Fistaz Mixwell individually selected their Harley-Davidson bikes to complement their personalities and riding style, and will be riding the bikes for the duration of their ambassadorship.


“We selected our ambassadors based on their enthusiasm for riding and their personal connection with our brand,” says Michael Carney, Marketing Manager at Harley-Davidson Africa. In an effort to reach the main market of our brand, we selected these celebrated personalities to share their stories and experiences on their respective bikes.


Having always been a fan and holding a special love for a Harley-Davidson, being one of the ambassadors is a dream come true for David Tlale. “Riding a Harley-Davidson is a statement of power and confidence, it speaks to breaking the norms and moves beyond a statement to a lifestyle,” enthuses Tlale. David will be seen riding a Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Trike – a bike he personally chose for its sassiness, elegance, timelessness and ‘presence’ on the road. Renowned both locally and abroad for his daring fashion designs and brand defying convention, David Tlale is making yet another bold satement with his endorsement of Harley-Davidson.


Angie Khumalo, known as a popular radio DJ and her work in the broadcasting industry, describes herself as a speed freak, adrenaline junkie and petrolhead. “Harley-Davidson is the ultimate symbol of freedom and independence. I wanted to be part of the Harley-Davidson family and represent my fellow riders as an ambassador because I wanted to be associated with a brand that not only holds a rich and proud history, but one that also symbolises everything that I believe biking resembles.” Angie will be riding a Satin Softail Slim Harley-Davidson for the duration of her ambassadorship.


Internationally known DJ and businessman, Fistaz Mixwell, is another local icon in his own right. He joined the Harley-Davidson brand as an ambassador in April 2013 and has already been seen embracing his new role by DJing at Africa Bike Week in April this year. “I associate strongly to the bold and iconic style Harley-Davidson possesses, as well as the brand’s sense of brotherhood.” For the duration of his partnership period he’ll be driving the new Breakout because of its unique styling, big tyres and riding profile.




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