Ford and Mazda of South Africa are going through a divorce. The two have decided to part ways as far as distribution is concerned, meaning you will no longer see Ford and Mazda cars on the same showroom floors. This will be concluded by the end of August 2014.


2014 Mazda3 a

“Consistent with our One Ford plan to have a laser focus on the Ford brand as well as our continually expanding product portfolio in South Africa, we will move to fully dedicated Ford dealerships after the separation,” says Jeff NemethPresident and CEO FMCSA.


Mazda and Ford have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for many years in South Africa,” said Hiroshi Inoue, Executive Officer, in charge of New Emerging Market Operation, Mazda Motor Corporation. “Mazda will now have the opportunity to forge its own strategic direction in South Africa.”

While this divorce means a separation, Mazda will continue to benefit from Ford’s plant in Silverton where the BT-50and Ranger are jointly built. However, we expect Mazda to go off and find its own premises in the same way as JaguarLand Rover and Volvo did when they were separated from former owners Ford. Incidentally all three brands ended up with headquarters in IreneCenturion.

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