South African drivers are joining the select group of customers worldwide enjoying the ultimate in bespoke luxury sports car personalisation, courtesy of the Q by Aston Martin service and dealers Daytona. The great British brand’s tailor-made sports cars can now become truly unique thanks to the Q by Aston Martin service, which offers almost limitless possibilities when it comes to personalisation and luxury.


The most recent example of the service’s capabilities in the South African market is a 2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster, finished in the famous Zagato Fiamma Red, with a black leather interior. Working closely with Aston Martin’s design team, Daytona created a car like none other ordered to date – even the trademark Aston Martin wings were painstakingly coated in gold by the same jeweller that hand makes every badge for the brand.


Rens Rademeyer, General Manager of Aston Martin South Africa, said: “Each time we receive a new car for our showroom the air is filled with excitement, but the arrival of the Fiamma Red V12 Vantage S Roadster definitely set the bar higher still. “Not only is it the fastest convertible ever produced by Aston Martin, but it is also in a colour created for the Zagato – making the visual experience unique. It was truly amazing to have the 2015 V12 Vantage S Roadster on our showroom floor – albeit for a short period before it was delivered to its lucky owner.”

Aston Martin VantageS V12 Roadster-044536

Q by Aston Martin is the brand’s way of synthesising a customer’s individual vision with its design skills and engineering expertise.  The goal is to create what each driver views as ‘the ultimate Aston Martin’ because each sports car should be a reflection of the things the owner holds dearest.

The Q by Aston Martin services is available to all new Aston Martin customers in South Africa via Daytona.

Aston Martin VantageS V12 Roadster-044554-2


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