Honda has begun recruiting both personnel and suppliers for its NSX hybrid supercar, which will be built in the United States. The NSX is a revival of the old NSX that was co-developed from a driver’s perspective, with legendary Formula One driver Ayrton Senna.

2015 Honda Acura NSX 5 2015 Honda Acura NSX 4 2015 Honda Acura NSX 3 2015 Honda Acura NSX 2 2015 Honda Acura NSX 1

Over 100 highly skilled workers are being recruited for the job to build Honda’s next own legend. Having recently announced its return to F1, albeit in a limited way, Honda seems once again to be finding its racing/ motorsport mojo. The NSX could be the perfect halo car.

2015 Honda Acura NSX 3

While we don’t yet have official information on its powertrain, we do know the car will be run through a V6 engine mounted mid-section. We also know that output will exceed 280kW, which does not sound like much if you compare it to other super hybrids like the BMW i8.

2015 Honda Acura NSX 4

The new NSX is scheduled to go on sale in 2015 and South Africa could get itself on the list of countries that benefit from a few examples, depending on demand and right-hand-drive availability.

2015 Honda Acura NSX 5

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