BMW has broken the noose off the new Concept M4 Coupe. The concept gives us a pretty good idea of what the new M4 itself will look like, at least we hope. Usually these BMW concepts don’t stay as close to the real thing as we’d like. In any case, the Concept M4 will be unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show next month.
 BMW Concept M4 2
Based on the current F30 (3 Series), the M4 will be a completely new car. That means a new turbo engine too. More on that later. For now, if we look at the concept itself we see something of a hark back to two generations ago of M3 Coupe. There is certainly more aggression than the E92, with some really lovely detailing which BMW will more certainly call “form over function”. Included here is a carbon fibre front splitter that clears the air, so to speak, between itself and the lower front grille. You then have honeycomb air inlets just below the LED headlights. The power dome on the bonnet is a nice feature we’ve seen in recent M cars.
 BMW Concept M4 1
On the side there’s an air curtain to help cool off the 20-inch wheels (the real thing is only likely to sport 19-inches standard), M4 badging and side mirrors partly covered in carbon fibre. According to BMW, the roof, made from CFRP, reduces weight and ensures a lower centre of gravity, thus facilitating an even sportier driving experience. We love the three M colours striped on the left side of the roof. Stunning.
 BMW Concept M4 3
As for the rear end, what else is there, if not the four tailpipes, now wrapped in carbon fibre, surrounding a matching air diffuser. An integrated rear boot spoiler also gives it such a muscular stance that you might see it and decide against taking it on.
Unfortunately this being an M concept car, there is a big veil of secrecy around exactly what kind of powertrain we are looking at here. But, old rumours have been suggesting going back to the 3.0-litre straight-six format where twin or even triple turbos are employed to churn out about 335kW and 550Nm of torque. We’d like to see more power than that, but if that’s what it will have, then we don’t mind still.
 BMW Concept M4 5
The new BMW M4 will arrive in South Africa before June 2014 in what looks like will be a very sporting year for BMW, with the new X5 MM2M3 sedan and i8 also in the mix.

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