BMW appears to be testing a mysterious M4-based prototype around the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife circuit. The car is dressed in some serious garb, making it look quite strikingly different from the normal M4. Could it be a lighter, more performance-oriented GTS perhaps?

IN4RIDE BMW M4 GTS Nurburgring Spy 2

The previous-generation M3 Coupe (E90/ E92) featured a lighter, more powerful GTS with a 4.4-litre V8 engine whose power output of 331kW outdid the normal M3 of the time by 22kW. The car spied in these pictures will not have a V8 engine, but it does display a rather prominent and highly-visible fixed rear wing. The front end is also different, showing evolved spliters and side skirts.

IN4RIDE BMW M4 GTS Nurburgring Spy 4

The M4 weighs in at 1 572kg under standard circumstances, so a GTS would be expected to shed up to 100kg off that by getting rid of certain luxuries. There’s even talk that it will bump current 3.0-litre twin turbo power from 317kW up to around 340kW.

IN4RIDE BMW M4 GTS Nurburgring Spy 1

As is custom with cars like these, BMW will look to limit production quite tightly, and therefore sales may not reach as many countries as a normal M4 would. South Africa didn’t get the 2010 GTS for example, because numbers were so limited and restricted to left-hand-drive. While the GTS name seems to have worked the last time around, we can’t help but miss the indomitable CSL badge.

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