Ssangyong Actyon Sport Revised

The view from the front brings to mind an urban sophistication captured by a dynamism inspired by the shark. Its sleek design features a unique impression from the sports coupe silhouette – dynamic and daring it is set apart from its rivals. The load bed, with its double seal, is a cinch to load and unload, it is larger and more versatile, and includes a central locking tailgate, enhancing overall utility.

63741_Full_HiResThe Actyon Sports is keeps the luxury standard for a double-cab, offering such comforts as tilting headrests in front and folding armrest in back. The driver’s seat is adjustable eight ways to ensure optimal ease and relieve fatigue on long trips. Rear seats have an angle of 29° giving passenger vehicle ride and comfort, and fold down for extra space when required. The centre fascia tilts toward the driver and switches are grouped in circles to facilitate location and maximize layout efficiency. It has the largest cab interior in its class ensuring there is ample room to seat five comfortably and bring along all the items that five people would need. Quick and even heating and cooling keeps the cabin at just the right temperature any time of the year.

63751_Full_HiResThe latest common rail engine delivers best-in-class output and great responsiveness, while the most advanced safety technologies ensure that the Actyon Sports is a superb vehicle in every respect. The 2.0-litre XDi engine features the state-of-the-art, electronically controlled XVT turbocharger. The exhaust discharge port surface and flow angle have been modified to deliver maximum torque for powerful acceleration over the widest possible rpm range. In addition to good economy, the XVT engine runs much quieter and vibrates far less than earlier models do. Optimized combustion reduces exhaust emissions for greater environmental friendliness. ABS with disc brakes all round ensure solid road handling.

63735_Full_HiResThe vehicle can be switched into 4WD while in motion, and the optional 4L mode is great when pulling a heavy trailer or getting out of tight spots off the road. Actyon Sports switches between two and four wheel drive electronically while on the fly. Actyon Sports is the only double cab in SA available in 6-speed automatic. Gear shift buttons available on steering wheel.

The latest technologies keep the vehicle as safe and secure as possible. The driver is protected by various active and passive safety systems as well as pampered by diverse comfort features like electric windows all round. The economical 7,6l/100km consumption is an added bonus.


4×2 Auto: R254 995

4×4 Auto: R289 800

Also available in Manual

4×2 Manual: R239 995

4×4 Manual: R274 995

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