UK specialist sports carmaker Caparo has announced it has opened orders for the new T1 Evolution in the UK. The car hasn’t been launched yet. In fact, all we have are scant details and this sketch that you see here. We are hoping it will make an appearance at the 2014 Paris International Motor Show next month.


For now, all we can tell you is what Caparo has told us. That is, the little track specialist will feature an engine with about 520kW of power, either from a V6 or an V8 engine. Such a small engine with that much power would indicate force feeding, either by turbocharging or supercharging.


Some of the confirmed chassis features include a new stiffer suspension, ABS brakes, traction and stability control, better driver comfort levels, a new communications system and of course the ultra-exclusivity attached to owning such a vehicle.

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