Chery South Africa – which is now regularly selling over 1 200 new cars monthly – is launching a new brand today. It’s called OMODA. OMODA is considered a premium brand focusing on exclusivity and value. For now only the OMODA C5 will be available for sale from around 30 Chery dealerships in the country, in 7 provinces (excluding North West and Northern Cape).

In these pictures is the OMODA C5. Interesting that OMODA uses names like C5 (a smaller C3 is also coming). I wondered how they got around branding issues with the Stellatis brand called Citroen. OMODA in Mzansi a separate business unit from Chery SA, meaning it will have its own sales floor, National Sales Manager and marketing activities and others.

I didn’t drive the C5 at the company launch, but I was able to get in and sit inside. What I picked up is that it is very compact inside, similar to the Chery Tiggo 4 Pro. However, it has real limitations, such as a small rear window that obstructs the driver’s vision, and a smart phone rest pad that constantly faces sunlight, thus risking heating up.

OMODA SA did not provide pricing information for the C5. That will be supplied at the product launch next month. What was said is that the car produces 115kW and 230Nm from its 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine.

“OMODA is a new, modern and luxurious new vehicle brand that showcases what can be done when a brand is not hindered by legacy technology or design,” says Tony Liu, the Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa. “Every aspect of this range of products, from vehicle design, performance, technology and driving pleasure, has been designed from a clean slate and will truly surprise and delight South African motorists.”

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