Mercedes-Benz is ramping up its EQ offerings at some rapid pace. EQ is the company’s umbrella brand for all electric cars (EVs). We have already heard about the bigger EQC SUV, and now we see the smaller EQB. The name combines the EQ brand with the B-Class segment of cars, specifically the GLB-Class which is not in Mzansi yet. This makes it Mercedes-Benz’s second-smallest SUV after the GLA range.

So the EQB as you can see, is GLB size more or less. While the GLB sits up to 7 people, we are not sure how many the EQB will swallow. What we do know is that unlike its sibling, the EQB will not carry any type of petrol or diesel engine whatsoever. It will run purely on electric power, which means at least one electric motor and a battery pack to drive it. Speculation is that it should be able to deliver at least 450km of range from a powertrain worth about 140kW or so. There may be a more powerful model with over 250kW in the offing as well. The EQB will begin selling in Europe in 2021. No on-sale dates have been confirmed for Mzansi yet.

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