Some kind soul has leaked the new BMW iX3 onto the interweb for all of us to see. Thank you kind soul. The iX3 is of course BMW’s first-ever all-electric SUV. As the name suggests, it is similar in size to the X3 and also features seating for five people. But the main difference is that it does not feature any type of engine up front and only runs purely on electric power.

While there are no official details of the iX3 yet, we know that its public announcement and arrival are quite imminent. Within the next month actually. We also know the fully-charged iX3 will have a range of about 450km according to official details, which will give it about 200km more range than the current and quirky i3 hatch. It will be produced in China for the global market. In Mzansi the iX3 has only one competitor, namely the Jaguar I-PACE.

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