It seems that Nissan Z will ride once again! Canadian authorities have received a patent for a new Nissan Z car, according to a report posted by Autocar in the UK. The current 370 Z has been in production for over a decade now and is in need of a serious overhaul. And it looks set to get one, when the new Nissan 400 Z goes on sale.

Yes, rumour has it that it will be called 400 Z. Presumably the 400 refers to the amount of horsepower it will produce, which would place it at around 295kW or so. The Z cars have a long and windy heritage, with such legends as (Datsun) 240 Z, 280 Z, the mighty 300 ZX and indomitable 350 Z carrying that flag all these years. Thus a 400 Z would be stepping into some rather big boots and would need to not just live up to past reputations, but also compete against serious modern machines in a shrinking world of 2-door coupes.

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