BMW has reaffirmed its stance on hydrogen fuel cell technology as a solution for the future. Hydrogen has been on BMW’s mind for years already. You might remember as an example, the hydrogen-powered 7 Series that was in development for a few years. Sadly it never saw production. The company – which later teamed up with Toyota in 2013 to develop these technologies – says hydrogen will be one of the four powering systems on its cars, including petrol, diesel, and electricity/ battery technology. As such, a few cars powered by a new hydrogen fuel cell system will go on the road in a couple of years’ time to help prove the tech.

These cars will be based on the current BMW X5 and will carry the company’s new hydrogen fuel cell tech, which consists of several items, such as a fuel cell with 125kW, tanks with 6kg of hydrogen, and a new eDrive unit. Total system output will be 275kW. BMW is confident the said X5 will be able to travel long distances on such a system, and refuelling only takes about 4 minutes where there are hydrogen stations present. Unfortunately even in Europe there are not so many such stations, resulting in hydrogen fuel cell cars being very expensive and delayed for general market launch.

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