The Audi RS 3 (hatch and sedan) has been one of the performance revelations of the past few years. Nobody expected the little five-pot to spring up and achieve what is has achieved and to humble so many bigger, more expensive sports and performance cars. And next year a new one will hit the streets looking to distribute even more humble pie. These spy pics can attest to that.

Here is the all-new RS 3 sedan undergoing some serious snow and ice testing ahead of its 2021 European launch. With its quattro all-wheel-drive (AWD) underpinnings, the 4-door should be feeling very comfortable under these conditions. The new front grille looks sportier than in the normal car as expected, and the LED daytime running lights seem to be split by the headlights. At the back we see the usual pair of large oval exhaust tailpipes that are typical of any modern RS-badged car. Audi will continue with the 2.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine to power the RS 3 past the 300kW mark for the first time. Simultaneously a 0 – 100km/h time of under 4 seconds should be a given.

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