Porsche is definitely developing an all-electric (EV) Macan. Not a plug-in hybrid, not a mild hybrid, but a full electric model. This is word coming out of Europe, which of course we have speculated on before. Development is actually quite advanced, with the Macan EV (not its name) set to be ready for production in about 18 months’ time.

There is a catch though, if one may call it that. The current model petrol Macan will not cease production. The two will be sold side by side in pretty much all the global Porsche markets. This is to mitigate against potential customers are who not yet ready to adopt an electric Porsche. It will also be an attractive measure for Mzansi buyers who still grapple with the huge problem of Eskom and unreliable electricity supply.

Not much is known about that Macan EV, except to say it will be underpinned by a new electric platform called PPE that is co-developed with Audi. It is not the same one found in the Porsche Taycan, so we really have nothing to reference it against. But we know the Jaguar I-PACE and Tesla Model Y will be obvious targets, and those two cars deliver claimed ranges of 470km and 500km respectively.

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