The continuing introduction of electrified and full-electric vehicles (EVs) means limited budgets set for research and development, as well as production, sales and marketing, will be cut across the board. Casualties will of course include some products, and for Mercedes-Benz this will happen sooner rather than later. In an article that appears in Autocar, Mercedes-Benz R&D boss Markus Schafer says the company is reviewing its current portfolio.

Schafer did not reveal exactly which models will be culled, so your guesses are as good as ours at this point. However, besides the recently confirmed exit of the X-Class bakkie, there is a strong likelihood that the SLC (formerly SLK) will follow its rival the Audi TT and get the chop. We also don’t see a future for the very niche S-Class Coupe as well as some E-Class body derivatives. Lastly we would probably put the B-Class under the “endangered list” too. But like we said, this is still just speculation on our part.

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