The government of the United Kingdom has sent shockwaves through to the motor industry by announcing that it will move its proposed ban date on petrol and diesel cars forward by 5 years. Initially the UK had said it would ban the sale of new petrol and diesel-powered cars from 2040, but has now reneged to say this will now be done from 2035.

There is more shock to add to that. Not only will petrol and diesel be banned, but also hybrids of all types will also not be welcome in the UK market 15 years from now. That means only cars powered purely by electricity, like the BMW i3 and Jaguar I-PACE in current terms, will be allowed to go on sale. Manufacturers – who typically take 6 years to develop a car from scratch – therefore have about two generations left to go full-electric on every model if they want to continue selling cars in the UK. The challenge is on!

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