Tesla is really becoming a force in the automotive world. Besides being the most valuable US car company on Earth, it is currently the world leader in the sales of electric vehicles, with a global market share of around 18%. Only the China brand BYD comes close at 11%, whilst BMW closes the podium with 6%. However, that is not enough for the company started by South Africa-born Elon Musk. He wants world control and as such, will keep adding models to the range.

One such model will result from this initial sketch that you see here. No details about the car have been furnished yet, but we can see that it is a hatchback type, meaning it should be targeting the upcoming Volkswagen I.D.3 for one. That means it is smaller than the Model 3. It is likely to be built in China for the world market and will probably go on sale in about two years’ time.

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