Jaguar is going into the electric future in a very interesting manner. While others are electrifying (adding plug-in hybrid versions of existing models) some of their top end cars, Jaguar is going all the way. The upcoming all-new XJ sedan, the brand’s flagship model, will be fully electric. That’s right. There will no longer be petrol or diesel-powered XJs going forward, only electric ones.

A big big gamble this is, and one that may either pay off handsomely or backfire very badly. This is especially true in countries like Mzansi where Electric Vehicles (EVs) are extremely rare. Regardless, this is the bed Jaguar is laying and it really is a gauntlet thrown on its rivals. Essentially the new XJ will be a direct Tesla Model S rival and will have no other competitors from the Germans, Japanese or the other Americans for that matter.

Seen here in spy clothing, the car looks like an evolution on the current car, with long sweeping lines and coupe-like looks. We don’t yet know what type of powertrain will run the new XJ, but we suspect it will be an evolution of the I-PACE’s one, which currently is made up of lithium-battery pack and electric motors that produce 294kW and 696Nm of torque. It can accelerate from 0 – 100km/h in about 4.8 seconds and has a real-life range of about 360km. This particular electric powertrain would produce a good base for the new XJ.

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