The motor industry, just like the world in which it is based, is currently going through a critical phase. Change is imminent and few know which direction things are going. Take for example the latest figures released, which say that Tesla Motors is now the most valuable US motor company in history, more valuable that Ford Motor Company was at its peak. Yes, the little electric outfit many were making fun of just less than a decade ago is now worth US$82 billion (about R1.1 trillion).

This is a very peculiar thing, considering that Tesla only sold 367 500 cars last year. Compare that to Mercedes-Benz which sold 2.3 million cars or to Volkswagen with over 11 million and you start to see why this is abnormal. And Tesla is not exactly Ferrari which sells really high-end super cars at matching prices. Possibly the only way to understand it is that market drivers and speculators have bet on Tesla being the world leader in electric cars for the foreseeable future. In fact the company stock has risen US$130 since the hideous Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled late last year.

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