BMW is third only to Tesla (18%) and BYD (11%) in the global market when it comes to selling hybrids and full-electric cars. The company currently holds a 3% share of the world market in that sector. Of course their aim is to become the leader, and so one of the products they will use for that purpose is the full-electric i4, seen here in disguise.

The i4 will go on sale in Europe in 2021. We hope it will also come to Mzansi, as BMW has quite a nice share of the electric and electrified market here. As you can see, the i4 is a four-door sedan type vehicle with conventional styling – compared to the divisive i3. Interestingly because it is conventional in shape, we do wonder what lies on the front end, since there is no engine. A range of about 600km is envisaged for the i4, which, if achieved, would be very good for an EV. Maximum power is a whopping 390kW (same as the BMW M850i) and the claimed 0 – 100km/h sprint time is around 4 seconds. BMW says top speed is over 200km/h.

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