MINI could be going all-electric by the year 2030, according to a story from Top Gear. The UK magazine interviewed MINI boss Bernd Körber and the man said MINI would continue producing petrol and diesel-powered cars, alongside the electrified models, up until the year 2030. Beyond that anything is possible. Market demand as well as technologies will determine what happens next.

Importantly for South African MINI fans, Körber says a full-electric MINI with a range of up to 240km, is enough. He reckons MINI buyers are not long-distance drivers, which may be true for some, but here in Mzansi, MINI drivers are just like other drivers. We travel. A lot. Hopefully the technology would have been improved to such an extent that the range would be higher than 240km. Another interesting bit is that Körber thinks MINI hatchbacks could return to being smaller again, thanks to electric packaging. But interior and boot space would be the at least as big as today’s hatch.

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