This month we’re celebrating black…the black of glossy carbon fibre, available from RGMotorsport not only on Friday but on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday too. The reason for the current festivities is the addition of an induction system for the latest VW Polo GTI to our Goliath range. Goliath is a growing array of power-boosting carbon fibre cold air induction systems for (currently) VW and Audi performance models. As well as the Polo, RGM already has Goliath systems for Golf7 GTI and R, and for Audi S3 and RS3. The common thread is that they all add a guaranteed 10 kW to the engine output – without a single other change required.

Says Rob Green, the founding member of RGMotorsport: “The customer drives in, and while they wait we’ll fit a Goliath system to their Audi, Golf or Polo. We charge an hour’s labour and to ensure time spent in our lounge is as productive as you need it to be, we provide complimentary wi-fi and refreshments.”  

A true bolt-on, these beautifully-moulded carbon fibre cold air intake systems have been designed to slip effortlessly into the engine bay, replacing the entire stock airbox assembly. The result is an unrestricted flow of air – filtered through a performance cone filter – delivered straight to the inlet manifold with as little interference as possible. The Goliath collects air from a high-pressure zone at the leading edge of the bonnet, packing it into the voluminous interior of the cylindrical body. This minimises turbulence and also creates a ram air effect – which becomes more efficient as speed increases.

The carbon fibre housing plays an important role in isolating the intake air from the underbonnet temperatures. Engine Efficiency 101 reminds us that a cooler charge is a denser charge and a denser charge packs more oxygen. More oxygen means – once mixed with the requisite amount of 95 octane – a bigger bang in the combustion chamber. And we all know what that means.

“GTI-badged Volkswagen products are known and respected for their all-round ability and suitability for day to day driving. We’ve enjoyed more than a decade of success tuning them and no tuner can lay claim to having achieved as much with the EA888 2.0-litre petrolturbo engine as we have. With the latest Polo GTI now using a similar powerplant to its Golf GTI stablemate, it made sense for us to create a Goliath for Polo, working from the same basic recipe.

“The Audi S3 uses the same basic engine design as Golf GTI/R and Polo GTI and while the RS3 is a five-cylinder, our market research suggests that there will be good uptake of Goliath systems from the owners of both the 270 and 294kW versions,” concludes Green.  

Like all Goliaths, the Polo version is made in SA and is available as a DIY kit. This includes all necessary fasteners and bracketry. And, like all RGMotorsport products, it adds aesthetic appeal as well as power. Pricing for the Goliath range starts at R9 400, including VAT.


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