BMW is hosting the BMW M Festival at Khayalami Grand Prix Circuit this coming Thursday. Several new M cars will be present, including the M8 Gran Coupe, X3, X5 and X6 M. There will not be an M3 though, but we do have a pic that has been leaked from the assembly line. This red example has been snapped presumably by one of the factory workers.

A disguised version of the rear end.

Besides the usual L-shaped LED rear lights and four exhaust tailpipes, what is also quite notable is the colour-coded rear diffuser, something unusual for the brand. The inclusion of this boot spoiler is interesting, since it closely resembles the one from the M3 CS. What should be of most interest will be the front end, which some speculate will be quite controversial. Anyway, the new M3 will carry a 3.0-litre twin turbo straight six engine with two power outputs; 353kW and 375kW. It will also have xDrive AWD.

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