A new hot rumour – published in Bloomberg – says the Volkswagen Group is looking at selling one of its most-prized assets in the form of Lamborghini. Although Volkswagen has officially denied this rumour, Bloomberg is adamant that its sources are impeccable. Of course any such talk so early in the game could affect the sale price in either direction, which is why the safest route is always to deny.

Current valuation of the Lamborghini business puts it at about US$11 billion (about R162 billion). Sales have been quite robust lately, boosted by the Urus, which is in high demand globally. The Urus is the company’s first series-production SUV and it contributed a whopping 2 693 units of the company’s total 4 553 sales between January and June 2019. At this rate Lamborghini is on track to sell about 10 000 cars in one year for the first time in its history. If the rumours are indeed true then Volkswagen would have given up one of its three exotic car producers, to be left with Bugatti and Porsche.

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